The measure of a man is in what he does for those who can do nothing for him in return.


What have I done today?

Please find hereunder 2 policies.

Policy of the Zanskar Schools Foundation

and Policy of the Zanskar Family Circle  

Zanskar Schools Foundation


In 2008 I visited India for the fifth time. Once again I was impressed by its culture, religions, people, variety in landscape, the bustle, the fragrances and the contrast between the riches and the poor. The 2008 journey took me to Himachal Pradesh and more specifically to Zanskar, Ladakh and the Spiti valley.
Zanskar is a very remote region situated in the Himalayan mountains situated at between 10,000 and 15,000 feet in altitude, difficult to reach and in wintertime completely isolated from the adjacent regions.
During our trip we visisted a school belonging to a monastery. The school building, which was in a poor condition, consisted of one classroom, a tiny kitchen, a shabby dormitory and a storage room. The lavatory appeared to be a hole in the floor, situated in a wooden shed outside the school building, known as a “Ladakhi toilet”.
The students were seated on the floor, whereas the teacher made use of the only chair and an unsteady table. There were hardly any school materials available other than one greasy textbook and one notebook per student.
Many of us are familiar with these kind of moving images on television and maybe you have come across simular circumstances during your own travels. Most of the time we ease our consience by donating a financial gift.
However a few months after returnig home the tourguide and I decided that we wanted to try and do something about this situation. We named it the  “Bardan Gompa Shool Project”.
Our goal was to furnish the Bardan Gompa School with benches, tables, educational materials and sports equipment after the 2008-2009 winter season. We informed familyand friends about our plans and gradually the number of donors increased. In June 2009 the first supplies were delivered.
Please have a look at our website for more experiences at several schools in the Zanskar region. Here, you will also find photo slide shows and various newsletters.
On the 12th of august 2009 the Stichting Zanskar Scholen / Zanskar Schools Foundation was founded and we are pleased to inform you that currently 12 schools are being supported by this foundation.
 Manjushri, the Buddha of wisdom
The goals of the foundation are descripted in the mission statement of association:
Goals of the foundation
- Promotion and support of the education in Zanskar-India by improving the circumstances, supplying   educational materials and the alleviation of primary needs without limits.
- Promotion and financing of supplementary education for pupils.
- Profit generation is not the goal of the foundation.
The foundation will meet the goals by:
- Improvement of the housing facilities (schools).  Determining the needs for educational materials and supplying the goods.
- Supporting the students who expressed the desire and have the intellectual capacity to attend supplementary education successfully.
- Development of teachers
It goes without saying that the Zanskar Schools Foundation can only meet their goals if there are sufficient financial funds.
In case you are interested; we urge you to read the articles and to look at the pictures and videos on this website. If you decide to contribute financial support, we would like you to go to “Becoming a donor” on the main menu of the website.
The board guarantees that 100% of the financial gifts will be used for the good purposes. All other costs are being paid by the board of the foundation. 
Kind regards,
Paul Patist en Astrid Jansen
Zanskar Schools Foundation